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February 28th 2010

Matthew and Katie's wedding at Walton Hall,  Waterton Park Wakefield

The harbingers of the doom, (those lovely people at the Met Office) had predicted  today's weather would involve heavy rain and strong winds for most of the day. Thankfully their guess work was wholly inaccurate and although we didn't see any blue skies, the heavy rain and strong winds held off long enough for us to enjoy some time outdoors photographing Matthew and Katie.

The civil ceremony room at Walton Hall had been especially decorated by West End Florists in Wakefield complete with ornate arrangements, archway, carpet and candles providing, the perfect setting for Matthew and Katie's civil wedding ceremony.

Following the ceremony we took a walk around the island and Walton Hall quickly photographing the happy couple in a number of locations before heading indoors to join their guests for a drinks reception. Katie had initially been quite nervous about having her photograph taken, however she quickly warmed to the camera and proved to be a natural model!

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Walton Hall wedding photography from Wakefield wedding photographer Chris Chambers
Wakefield wedding photographer
Wedding photography at Walton Hall Wakefield
Walton Hall wedding photography from Wakefield wedding photographer Chris Chambers
Walton Hall wedding photography
Walton Hall wedding photography from Wakefield wedding photographer Chris Chambers
The bride at Walton Hall near Wakefield
Walton Hall Wakefield
Bridal photography at Walton Hall
The ceremony room at Walton hall Wakefield. Floral arrangement from West End Florists in Wakefield
Bride and groom photograph at Walton Hall
The bride and groom at Walton Hall in Wakefield
Walton hall wedding phtography Wakefield
Chris Chambers Photography at Walton Hall Wakefield
Wakefield wedding photographer at Walton Hall Waterton park.
Waterton park wedding photographer
wedding photography at Walton Hall Wakefield
Walton Hall at night. Wakefield west Yorkshire
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February 27th 2010

Peter and Emma's wedding day at The Parsonage in Escrick between York and Selby.

It seems like a long time since I met up with Peter and Emma for a Pre-wedding shoot at The Parsonage in Escrick on the outskirts of York. Their wedding ceremony today was taking place at the Parsonage which is where we joined Emma mid morning for some photographs of bridal preparation before Peter arrived.

A sign of spring approaching was that following the wedding ceremony many guests naturally headed outdoors to chat and enjoy the dry and reasonably warm weather. A first for this year!

With a few formal images quickly taken care of we took Emma, Peter and their bridal party for a short walk around the grounds for photographs before rejoining the drinks reception.

During the evening, as well as viewing a selection of the day's photographs on our big screen, the guests were able to take advantage of the portrait studio we set up, enabling them to have their own photographs taken and printed instantly to take away.

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The Parsonage wedding photography
wedding photography at The Parsonage near Escrick.
wedding photography at The Parsonage in Escrick near York
 The Parsonage in Escrick near York Civil wedding ceremony
wedding photography at The Parsonage in Escrick near York
The bride getting ready at The Parsonage near York
Classical quartet wedding music.
Wedding gusts throwing confetti at the wedding of Peter and Emma
The formal photos
Bride and Groom at the Parsonage Hotel near Selby and York
The Parsonage wedding photography
Wedding photography at The Parsonage
Wedding speeches
The Parsonage at Escrick
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February 21st 2010

Allerton Castle Wedding Fayre

A snow bound Allerton Castle was the venue for today's wedding fayre. Thankfully the snow stopped falling just before the 11AM start and plenty of hardy visitors were able to attend, making the day very worthwhile. A big thank you to all those who stopped for a chat and of course to those bride and groom's who have already booked me for their wedding photography at Allerton Castle who popped by to say hello. The photo below is just a gratuitous Allerton Castle photograph taken on a much warmer day last year!

Allerton Castle wedding photography

February 18th 2010

Do you Airbrush? Enhancing wedding photographs.

One of the questions I am regularly asked is if I can airbrush wedding photographs. The short answer is Yes!  Whilst digitally enhanced photos may not be to everyones taste the requests are frequent which is why when I'm editing the proof images I will often airbrush as required therefore ensuring you look your best. This is of course no substitute for professional makeup, it merely enhances and smoothes skin.

The photograph below shows two images  the left is the original and the right is airbrushed to  magazine supermodel standard, whilst this may be too much for a wedding album it gives you an idea of the magic that can be created.

Airbrushed photograph


February 13th 2010

John and Marie's wedding at Allerton Castle, North Yorkshire

John and Marie married on Saturday afternoon  in a civil ceremony at Allerton Castle.  The 80 foot high Baronial Great Hall never fails to impress and provides a stunning backdrop for the wedding ceremony.   A cold but dry afternoon allowed us the opportunity to make use of the grounds using various facades of Allerton Castle as a backdrop on the wedding photographs.

Following the wedding breakfast and speeches we had a short opportunity for some more photographs of John and Marie both inside and out of the castle as just after eight, all the guests all assembled on the front lawn for a firework display before the bride and groom's first dance.  Leave a comment about this post

Allerton Castle in Infra Red
Above: Allerton Castle photographed in Infra Red
The guys in the billiard room at Allerton Castle. Allerton Castle wedding photography
Wedding photography at Allerton Castle
Allerton Castle wedding photos
Allerton Castle wedding photography from Chris Chambers
Civil wedding ceremony in the Great Hall at Allerton Castle. Wedding photograph from Chris Chambers.
Wedding photographer at Allerton Castle. Allerton castle wedding photography
Allerton castle wedding photography
Allerton Castle wedding photography
Allerton castle wedding photography from Chris Chambers. Allerton castle recommended wedding photographer
Allerton Castle at night
Allerton Castle wedding photography
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February 5th 2010

Pre-wedding photo shoot at Walton Hall Waterton Park

I met up with Eleanor and Dan on Friday morning at Walton Hall for a Pre-wedding photo shoot and to run through the photography plans for their wedding day in March.  Leave a comment about this post


Pre wedding photo shoot at Walton Hall Waterton park near Wakefield Wedding photography at Waterton Park in Wakefield
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February 5th 2010

Hazlewood Castle wedding fayre this weekend

Hazlewood Castle's first wedding fayre of the year will be held this Sunday between 11 and 4. I'll be exhibiting in the Great Hall with a number of new albums and a few special wedding fayre offers.

Hazlewood Castle near York.

Hazlewood Castle wedding venue near York in North Yorkshire. Wedding photography Chris Chambers

February 5th 2010

Andrew and Sally's Graphistudio wedding album

Andrew and Sally collected their Graphistudio storybook wedding album on Tuesday. After spending a while choosing their wedding photographs from their August wedding at Rogerthorpe Manor, Andrew and Sally decided to upgrade to a Graphistudio wedding album. Even though I offer a free alteration of design on all my Graphistudio wedding albums, Andrew and Sally loved the proof layout and the files were quickly uploaded to the Graphistudio head office in Italy ready to be turned into a superb storybook.

Upon receiving their storybook on Tuesday, they were both overjoyed and full of praise, commenting how they'd been recommending me and my services to anybody and everybody and how they loved the album, photos, service etc, all great stuff to hear. Sally's dad also took the time to contact me today with the following message.

"Chris, I have just seen Andrew and Sally's wedding album and I am moved to write a note to you... The album is stunning, the pictures are brilliant and I am jealous! Your work is phenomenal and I would advise anyone contemplating hiring you to arrange their wedding date around your availability. Andrew and Sally are so pleased with everything that they just did not know which photographs to choose. once again, thank you so much. John."

Rogerthorpe Manor wedding photography graphistudio album

Wedding photography and graphistudio wedding album. Rogerthorpe Manor wedding

Wedding photography and Graphistudio wedding albums

Italian Story book albums


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January 31st 2010

Pre-wedding photo shoots in Leeds, Hazlewood Castle and Waterton Park

Three pre-wedding photo shoots today, one on the outskirts of Leeds for Paul and Liz marrying at Bagden Hall, the second at Hazlewood Castle near York for Lawrence, Catherine and their daughter Liahnna  and finally ending the day at Walton Hall near Wakefield with Melanie and Tim.

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Pre wedding photography. Bagden Hall wedding photography
Hazlewood Castle wedding
Hazlewood Castle wedding
Walton Hall at Waterton Park Wakefield
Pre-wedding photography at Walton Hall Waterton Park Wakefield

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