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June 26th 2009 

Ross and Gemma's wedding - Kings Croft Pontefract

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Gemma and Ross married on Saturday at Hightown Church in Castleford before celebrating at Kings Croft in Pontefract.

Having now photographed Gemma twice as a bridesmaid there were plenty of familiar faces around including no less than two previous brides in the bridal party. Delivering something different is a big requirement in situations like this, Gemma and Ross's album has to look very different to those from the other weddings they have attended and so although a few shots may look similar the overall feel will hopefully be a little different.

The grounds at The Kings Croft have been well developed over the last few years and so there were plenty of photo opportunities for pictures of Ross and Gemma and then later with their guests.

Ross and his grooms men wore a traditional Scottish outfit, although thankfully they were wearing pants under the kilts (and I checked before laying down on the ground for a look down shot!). One shot request I had was for the guys to be pretending to flash the bride and bridesmaids who were to look suitably embarrassed, knowing this was on the list the guys had written the letters of 'Gemma & Ross' across their pants and even remembered to stand in the correct sequence so it was spelt correctly. Probably as fine a tribute to the happy couple as there could be!


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