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July 31st 2009 

Stuart and Michelle's wedding Hazlewood Castle

Thunder and Lightning as you arrive at a wedding venue isn't the best of signs for the day ahead. The stormy and imposing skies however provided an excellent backdrop for some exterior shots of Hazlewood Castle before moving inside and into the dry to photograph Stuart and Michelle's wedding day.

Entering the chapel for the wedding blessing at 1330 we were sheltered under brollies, however on leaving just after two the skies had broken and we were able to stay outdoors in the sun. The respite was short lived and all too soon the guests made a dash for cover as the rain began again. Thankfully only a short cloudburst and we were soon out on the lawn again!

Following the wedding breakfast, guests were entertained with a casino before the start of the evening reception. Our evening finishing off just after ten thirty with fireworks and a couple of night shots of Stuart and Michelle around Hazlewood Castle grounds.

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Hazlewood Castle on the outskirts of York between Tadcaster and Leeds. North Yorkshire wedding venue
Wedding photography Chris Chambers
Wedding photographer at Hazlewood Castle
St leonard's chapel at Hazlewood Castle
wedding blessing North Yorkshire
Hazlewood Castle weddings
Chris Chambers wedding photography
Hazlewood Castle wedding - the bride on the steps at Hazlewood Castle
Walking in the grounds
Casino at Hazlewood Castle
Hazlewood castle at night
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Hazlewood Castle wedding photography July 31st 2009

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