All Saints Church Pontefract West Yorkshire


There has been a church here or close by since Anglo Saxon times, and it even featured in the Doomesday Book survey in the year 1086. The present church was built around the 1300s, but only a few parts of that church now remain. In 1536 when Henry the 8th announced dissolution it sparked an uprising known as the Pilgrimage of Grace, many supporters went to Pontefract to establish themselves in the nearby castle. The then Archbishop of York was preaching in the church at Pontefract and asked for moderation, this had a reverse effect on the congregation and they dragged him from the pulpit and off to the castle. When the civil war took place the church was constantly changing from one side to the other and at one time was reported to have been hit over 60 times by cannon balls! In fact during recent renovations one was found still embedded in one of the walls. Taken from


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All Saints Church In PontefractAll Saints Church In Pontefract
All Saints Church In Pontefract
All Saints Church In Pontefract
All Saints Church In Pontefract
South Baileygate
Pontefract, WF8 2JL

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